Burkesville Kentucky

​Alpine Resort

Extended Stay Program

The program that puts you in charge of SAVINGS!

Want to save money on your next stay? With our Extended Stay Program we let you take control of the savings.

Here's how it works:

When you check in at the Alpine Lodge, we will give you savings cards that you can pin to the door of your room that will let our housekeepers know that you don't need their services that day. Housekeeping will pick up your card and place it in the office so that when you check out you can get cash back*.

For instance, say you have come for a 3 night stay. We will give you a $14 savings card for your second night stay and a $24 savings card for your third night stay. On your second day of your stay, you simply place the card in the holder on the outside of your door to let housekeeping know you don't need their services for that day. You can do the same for the next day. Then when you go to check out, we will have credited your account for $38 and will refund that to you the same way you paid for your room.

Would you rather have your room cleaned? No problem. Simply don't place the card in the holder and housekeeping will clean your room for you. We let you be in control of savings!

A few more details about this program. 

:: We have to clean your room on the forth day of your stay; so the program starts over again on your forth night.

:: We can provide clean linens any time during your stay and you can still get the savings.

:: We will provide other supplies for your room any time--just ask--and you still get the savings.

:: Have questions? Please don't hesitate to ask. We want you to enjoy your stay with us and hope you can save some money while you do it.

*refund will be given in the same form of payment that was received for your stay at the Alpine Lodge.